Indo China – Day 49

With four big days in a row of shopping, my mind, body, and soul, was over it all, and I didn’t want to see a mall or a market again for at least one full day to recover some what, as 16 plus hours in four days really is a little too much for me, and especially my hip which is on its last leg, pun intended, at this point. Because of this we looked at our options, and our two main ones were going to mean either catching a taxi or public bus for part of it, or working out how to use the river boat system which Chai had shown us the previous week.

As we still didn’t know which option to go for, we showered, changed, and once again got extra fat on the free breakfast buffet, and then grabbed the free hotel Tuk Tuk to the sky train station. Even our driver asked what we were up to today, and we had to say we weren’t sure yet, but by the time we were at the station with our map in front of us, we knew we had to make our minds up, so we went with a day of temples.

Firstly we had to catch our train two stations up to the interchange, at which point we caught another that headed south into the city, and that took us about 6 stops down the line. At this point we found ourselves at the river boat part of the transport system, and funnily enough it was the exact port we had stopped with Chai not so long ago. A quick read of the information signs though and we had figured it out, and before long we were on a boat mother trucker!

As we were on the express boat, meant we only had a few stops until we reached our stop, which was going to be the Royal Palace, where we were also going to see the famous emerald Buddha. Though as it was was 12 on the dot when we arrived, we were told it was closed for two hours due to a royal engagement there, so we suddenly had to move things along to the next stop, which was luckily only a few hundreds meters walk down the road.

That stop was Wat Pho temple which was the home of the massive 42 meter long reclining Buddha statue, and it was pretty damn impressive that’s for sure. We tried our best to take some photos with it but it’s a hard thing to photograph with only an iPhone, but we did our best. We also walked around the rest of the complex and there were some pretty cool things to see. Once we left from there it was about 1.15pm, so we decided to skip the royal palace altogether and instead catch a very short ferry to the other side of the river.

Once on the other side we were at Wat Arun temple, which was a very impressive temple that you could walk up, if you were brave enough. Because you don’t really walk up as much as cling for your life to the hand rail as you climb the very steep steps to the upper level. Once there though it gives some really nice views of the city and the river, and it’s well worth the tricky trek to get there. Though once we had seen and done that it was around 2.30pm, and as we had given up on the palace, we thought it was time for lunch.

We caught the short ferry once again, and then back onto the main river boat that took us back to the sky train transfer. Once there we were going to head to Paragon mall, but only for the food, but Mollidy wanted to hit up MBK quickly to get her shoes she’s been looking at for a while. So we thought a quick stop there, and then onto Paragon for lunch. Though on the way Mollidy thought we should eat first, which meant MBK, as it would be pointless back tracking after having lunch at Paragon.

There were lots of options at MBK don’t get me wrong, but not to the quality of Paragon, and even though we were both hungry, we didn’t really have appetites, so we decided to get BK, again. Not sure why suddenly fast food is such an option for us, but I think it’s because the trip is drawing to an end. Once we had eaten though it was 3pm, which meant a quick stop to get Mollidy’s shoes, and then off to Paragon where we had decided to check out the massive aquarium on the bottom floor and Madame Tussaud’s.

At this point I don’t know exactly how it happend, and despite me saying many jokes about how this quick stop to buy shoes had suddenly turned into a full shopping experience, but two and a half hours went by. At around 5.30pm my hip was in such a bad state that I couldn’t go on any further, and said I just wanted to go home, so Mollidy, after having checked out about 8 shoe stores, said she had settled on the ones she wanted and would go get them, leaving me near the bottom floor information desk, as I couldn’t handle any more walking.

Though 30 minutes went by and I was getting really worried. It was only meant to take 10 minutes max, and I suddenly had this horrible feeling, as I had no way to reach her, as our phones aren’t on roaming, and we have no internet, and the PA system they use for calling out to shoppers isn’t the best. So with my body filling with adrenaline not knowing what was going on, I hobbled my way up to the top of the mall onto floor 6 and checked out three of the shoe shops I thought she might have gone to, but to no avail.

I started to clamber back down the levels hoping to spot her along the way, and I realised if she wasn’t there I was going to have to ask the information desk to put out a call and hope she could hear it somewhere within the massive complex. Though once I got there, which was about 40 minutes after she had left, she was there, wondering where I was.

I told her I had waited for 30 minutes and was getting really worried, so went out to find her, but she just said she was trying on more shoes and had lost track of time. For the guys out there I’m sure you know where I’m coming from, but I bet for the girls out there you know where she’s coming from. But either way I wasn’t very impressed by that, not to mention my hip was in such a bad way. So bad in fact that I’m pretty sure now once I get back home I’m going to be looking at getting my hip replacement as soon as I can, as hobbling around like I do now is no life for an early 30s guy.

We then headed back home, as it was now too late for the aquarium and Madame Tussaud’s, not too mention my hip wouldn’t allow any more walking or standing. Though I had to do a bit more, as we had a few hundred meters to the sky train, crowds to fight through, two stops to make, and then about a 1km walk back to the hotel, as sadly the free Tuk Tuk is only one way. Once back at the hotel we showered and chilled out, as I don’t think either of us were in the mood for anything else that day.
































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