Indo China – Day 50

Cracking 50 days on a holiday really is a good feeling, and sadly one I don’t think many people get to experience, though they really should. Not that hitting that number changed much of our routine, as it was still made up of getting up, showering, changing, and heading for breakfast, before once again grabbing the hotel Tuk Tuk down to the sky train station. Once there it was a short journey, only two stops, to get to Siam Paragon, and though I had sworn off shopping malls and markets for a day or two, this time it was for a different reason.

Once we were there we went down to the very bottom section of the mall, where they had two attractions, Madame Tussaud’s and Siam Ocean World. We hoped to do both attractions in the same day, but you never know how long these things will take, so we only bought tickets for Ocean World, and entered Indo China’s largest aquarium. There was lots to see when inside, and as we paid more for a special package ticket, we got to do a few extra things, like the glass bottom boat, which took us above the shark tank which was pretty cool.

Next up it was more fish tanks to see many exotic fishes, then it was a bridge that overlooked the rainforest tank where they put on a feeding show. We had a great view as they fed the dozens of fish, all of which were either big or massive, including a huge 300kg stingray. We then saw the penguins being fed, and then the sharks, which was pretty damn badass! There were lots more smaller things to see after that, but really we had jumped the shark so to speak after seeing them actually being fed.

We left Ocean World around 3pm and headed up stairs to the cinema to catch a movie, as we had really loved getting back into films since being back in Bangkok. This time we decided to see the horror we thought about seeing a couple days before, which was called Deliver Us From Evil. I hadn’t seen a horror film at the cinema for a while, and it was really cool sitting down with Mollidy to see it, and it actually ended up being pretty good.

After that it was back to Ocean World to see a 5D film which was part of the deal we bought when buying our ticket, and this was one of those movies where the seats moved, and air blew in your face depending on what was happening on screen. It was ok, as really it just gave me a bit of a headache, but once it was done it was time for dinner, so we headed back to the hotel and found a nice pizza place, where we ate ourselves silly, but it was worth it. Then it was home for showers and bed time, and with only one full day left in Bangkok tomorrow, we hoped for a good night sleep.




























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