Indo China – Day 52 and 53

We woke knowing we had to pack, but we also had a late checkout at 3pm, so there was also no rush. So we showered, changed, packed, and then headed for breakfast, which was to be our last at this awesome buffet. Afterwards though we headed to the sky train so we could head along to MBK so that we could do some last bits of gift buying for people back home.

We had given ourselves two hours for checking out the mall and getting what we needed and wanted, and we actually ended up making really good time, surprisingly, and we were able to get back to the hotel to pack the extra items and have 30 minutes up our sleeves just to relax. Though we had kind of forgotten to have lunch in this time, so when our private van turned up to take us to the airport, we were looking forward to getting there so we could eat.

We had planned just under two hours for the travel, as Bangkok roads can some times get pretty crazy, but today was super smooth, and it only took just over 30 minutes to get there, which meant we had plenty of time to kill. There were heaps of young people milling about as well, so we assumed famous people must be about, and when the deafening screams filled the whole airport, we had to find out who it was for, and it turned out it was for a Korean pop group, but we aren’t sure which one.

We had a look around the airport and found the bag wrapping place, which we used to wrap our four bags we were checking in, and then we checked in so that we could get rid of those bags. Once done it was through the departure process and into the lounges, where we quickly migrated towards BK. We’re such fatties! But it hit the spot, and killed a good 30 minutes, as after that we walked down to our gate to wait for it to open, and we just ended up pondering the next stage in this adventure and our lives together.

Once on the plane we settled into our seats and checked out the awesome entertainment system provided by Emirates. We had booked Emirates for the trip, but of our actual four planes, this was to be the only Emirates flight, as the rest were shared with Qantas, which was pretty annoying. But we looked forward to this 8 1/2 hours as we were tired, and with the entertainment keeping us busy the rest of the time, meant we felt like it would fly by. Though sadly for me it wasn’t a great flight, and with maybe one hour max of sleeping broken up over the whole flight, meant I was pretty tired by the end.

It was one of those flights where you really want to sleep, both physically and mentally, but for some reason you just can’t. Mollidy did ok, but I ended up spending more time eating the two meals, watching a movie, and playing games on my iPad to pass the time. So I was pretty glad once it was over. It also brought us into the final day of the trip, number 53, which started with us landing in Sydney for our 90 minute stop over before heading back to New Zealand.

This flight was actually very easy, as it was only 2 1/2 hours, and finally I was able to get a decent hour or more sleep in, and with one meal, and more games, meant it was over before we knew it, but I did start to have the feeling of being rundown, which is the last thing you want at the end of a trip. Also the last thing you want at the end of your trip is your plane having two failed attempts at landing due to a thunder storm over the airport, and then having to circle the airport for a while till it passed. But we landed safe and sound eventually.

We were greeted by my mate Barry, and we had one last part of the trip ahead of us with the 90 minutes back to Hamilton, which Mollidy spent sleeping in the back, and myself and Barry spent chatting away about the trip and what he had been up to in the same time. Once back home, it was an odd feeling, but it was filled with many good ones as well. The trip was over, it had been epic, and even though we needed time to chill and relax, we couldn’t really wait till the next one started. But in the mean time, it was time for naps!









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