Drag Me To Hell

Drag Me To Hell, The Flawed Guru, Film, Movie, ReviewDrag Me To Hell is directed by Sam Raimi and it’s his first feature film since wrapping up his Spiderman trilogy back in 2007, and his first horror film since completing his Evil Dead trilogy back in 1992. This man loves his trilogies!
As a film maker myself, Sam Raimi is a huge influence on the direction of my career, and with a few of my current projects being in the horror genre, seeing this film was a great chance to check out a master at work.

‘Bank employee Christine Brown, Alison Lohman, is fighting hard to impress her boss so she can take over the empty Assistant Manager position at her branch. Being told by her boss that she needs to start making the tough decisions when approving loans, she inadvertently decides to play hard ball with her next customer, Mrs Ganush, Lorna Raver. In retribution for being turned down for an extension on her loan, Ganush places a gypsy curse on Christine, which in three days time will see her pulled into hell. As Christine learns more about the curse, and her life becomes a mess, she realises she must pass the curse on to someone else to avoid her horrible fate.’

Now, I love Raimi, but I had a big issue with this film. It just felt far too much like his old horror comedies Evil Dead 2 and 3. While that isn’t a bad thing, it made me think why not just make Evil Dead 4 and bring back Bruce Campbell for another great instalment of that series? Instead we are left with a horror comedy which is so much like an Evil Dead film in every way except its name.

This isn’t to say I didn’t really like the film. However, if it had been an actual Evil Dead film, with the same storyline and humour, but with Bruce thrown in there, it would have easily gained a point higher in my eyes.

7.5 out of 10 from me.

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