Ice Age 3

Ice Age 3, Film, Movie, Review, The Flawed GuruI’m a huge fan of the new generation of computer animated films, which were taken to a new level by the animation studio Pixar. Over the years many other studios have come out with great films as well. The Ice Age series is one of those ‘better than most’ attempts at the world of computer animation, and even though I have always enjoyed them, to me they have never quite reached the same level of story and entertainment as pretty much any Pixar film, or the Shrek films for that matter. But, having said that, I did enjoy the films and they have been hugely profitable, so I was always going to make the trip out to see the 3rd film in the series.

The story is based around Sid, John Leguizamo, who feels rejected after seeing his friends starting a family, and decides to start his own family when he stumbles upon some eggs. However, these aren’t just ‘any eggs’ – they are Tyrannosaurus eggs. Even though during the ice age these animals were meant to be extinct, that doesn’t stop the mummy Tyrannosaurus coming up to the earth’s surface and dragging back her newly born children and, inadvertently, Sid as well. This leads to his friends mounting a rescue journey into the center of the earth where a tropical lost world inhabited by dinosaurs hides under the ice age above.

My initial feeling about the film was that it was very broad and more ‘kiddie’ than I remember the other two films in the series being. The storyline itself felt like it could easily have been out of any normal animated TV series which you might see on a Saturday morning, but as it warmed up it did get better, but not great. One thing they did really well was the action set pieces which were pretty spectacular and fun to watch.

I have to say that for me it’s the weakest in the series, but it’s made so much money at the box office so far that I doubt that will stop them from pumping out a 4th in a few years time.

7 out of 10 from me!!!

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