Jaipur, Hamilton, New Zealand

Jaipur, Hamilton, New Zealand, February, 2015, Review, The Flawed GuruIt’s been a while since deciding to write a restaurant review, though I was close to doing one a few weeks back early in the new year. Though I decided better of it, as the newly opened restaurant we tried had a shocker, and I felt like they needed another chance before I gave them a proper review. Though this review isn’t for that mentioned place, it’s actually for an Indian restaurant I had never been to before which surprised me, as I’ve been to most of them!

Straight away the place had a nice atmosphere, and being half full at 8pm on a Sunday night helped that, as we didn’t expect it to be that busy. They had friendly service, and not long after being seated, we already had water, and then at almost the perfect time after looking at our menus, they came and took our order. My partner went for a hot Chicken Tikka Madras, and I went for a hot Chicken Vindaloo, and we both chose Garlic Cheese Naans.

Jaipur, Hamilton, New Zealand, February, 2015, Review, The Flawed GuruAfter placing our order, we had complimentary Papadums brought out, and we always appreciate when free sides like this are given, but I felt they could have done with a dip or two to really have rounded it off. Though in under 10 minutes, our food had arrived, and it looked and smelt awesome! We had had a bad Indian experience on New Year’s eve where the curries looked like soup, and smelt like it as well, so getting such a grand visual and nasal hit right off the bat was a great sign!

Mine was simply fantastic! Getting a hot Vindaloo can always be risky, as some places it’s way too hot, and others not hot enough, but this was right on the money. My partners Madras was being devoured in equal measure, so suffice to say we loved the curry. The Naan was good, but once again didn’t live up to my favourite of all time from an Indian restaurant in Taupo, but it was still good.

Jaipur, Hamilton, New Zealand, February, 2015, Review, The Flawed GuruAll up they had great service, really nice presentation of the food, a good atmosphere both in the décor, music, and general ambiance, and most importantly the food was pretty much perfect, and we left as two very happy customers, and maybe having found our new favourite Indian restaurant in town. The only marks off come from the lack of dips for the Papadums, and the Naan just wasn’t as good as the best I’ve ever had.

9 out of 10 from me!!!

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