The Thirsty Weta, Otorohanga, New Zealand

The Thirsty Weta, February, 2015, The Flawed Guru, Restaurant, ReviewWith the Waitangi Day long weekend upon us, I decided to take my partner on a surprise get away, as it also ties in with our very own anniversary. With a road trip ahead of us, I knew the first stop we would be making as we got out of Hamilton would be Otorohanga. I had heard of The Thirsty Weta over the years, but never had the chance to stop there and try it out, which made me think of it as the perfect brunch destination, seeing is it fitted perfectly into our trip.

The Thirsty Weta, February, 2015, The Flawed Guru, Restaurant, ReviewIt had a nice feel and look to it as soon as we got there, and the general vibe was inviting. We sat outside in the sun in one of their nicely designed seating sections, though 10 minutes later we had made our way inside, as some clouds had come in to drop some rain. Once inside we picked another nice spot, with some very solid stools, which I really liked. A place that has really decent furniture always get my attention, rather than some places that skimp a little bit of such things.

I ordered the Giant Weta breakfast, and my partner got the BLT, but without the bread, as she thought the chips that came with it would be enough carbs for one meal. Once served, it was great to see that the meals didn’t just look tasty, but they were nicely presented as well. And when we started to eat, the taste more than matched everything else.

The Thirsty Weta, February, 2015, The Flawed Guru, Restaurant, ReviewThe service had also been nice up to this point, but when I went up to pay, both the girl taking payment, and the person helping her, weren’t exactly as friendly as they could have been which put a bit of a downer on the experience. So though I highly recommend this as a place to stop for great breakfast or brunch, it was a pity they let themselves down a bit on the customer service.

8.5 out of 10 from me!!!

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