Saw 6

Saw 6, Film, Movie, Review, The Flawed GuruI’ve been a fan of the Saw series from the beginning, with number one generally being one of the better horror films made in the last 10 years and with a fantastic twist. The twist was so good that in many ways made the film go from good to great, which meant for any sequels they were going to have to try something different to keep the same level of quality.

Sadly, they didn’t. Instead they decided to expand the story, which has continued to interweave through all six films so far. So even though they have never reached the same level of greatness of the first film, they have created a great and interesting story, mixed in with some genuinely horrific death scenes.

“Saw VI concludes the second trilogy of the series that focused on the posthumous effects of the Jigsaw Killer and the progression of his successor, Mark Hoffman. In the film, Hoffman sets up a new trap for an insurance executive while the FBI trails the last living Jigsaw accomplice suspect, Peter Strahm. The film’s plot has a heavy emphasis on the present day economic struggle of the government attempting to regulate healthcare in the United States”.

It’s hard for me to separate the different Saw films from each other, except for the first, as this film just felt like a continuation of an interesting, intertwining story. Having seen the previous five films, I ‘got’ the story and understood what was going on, but could see first timers getting very confused about what was happening. It was a solid film but the five sequels, in my opinion, have never risen to the same level as the first.

7 out of 10 from me.

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