The Final Destination

The Final Destination, Review, Film, Movie, The Flawed GuruI first saw a Final Destination movie at the International Film Festival a few years back when they were screening number two as part of their ‘incredibly strange film’ section. I never saw number one as it seemed like a typical teen horror, which had never really interested me, but when I saw the write up by Ant Timpson, the man behind the ‘incredibly strange film’ section of the festival, it intrigued me enough to buy a ticket for this sequel. And I’m glad I did, as it really was a well crafted teen horror with great laughs, great deaths, and a generally interesting story.

When the third came out I watched that also, still never having seen the first, and recently when number four hit the big screen, I was quick to grab a ticket to go and see, as I’m a fan of the series. Though I really should get around to seeing the first film some day!

Plot? Well let’s skip the plot and I’ll give the premise instead, as each movie holds the same overall concept with very little plot. Basically, a few people avoid death from a huge accident in which many people die, due to one of them having a premonition of the coming event. This means, however, that because they survived and escaped death, that ’death’ comes back after them in the same order they would have died in the original accident. This of course brings crazy and inventive ways for each person to die as the story unfolds.

This series hit its pinnacle with number two. Number three saw a slow slide down the quality scale but it was still an alright film. Unfortunately, however, film number four continued that slide a whole lot lower down the scale. This isn’t to say there weren’t some good scenes, but generally it was the same thing over and over again with pretty much less story and less interesting characters than the previous films. So much so that they will be hard pressed to get me to see a fifth if they ever make it.

5.5 out of 10 from me!!!

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