Run All Night

Run All Night, Review, Film, Movie, The Flawed Guru Watching the film Run All Night will forever be etched in my memory as the night New Zealand made the final of the World Cup with a win over South Africa! You see, I left watching the game when we were at 140 for 3, still needing over 150 to win, so it was at a very delicate stage. The reason why I had to go though was it was movie date night with my girl, and though I love cricket and loved watching the game, deep down I knew heading into see the movie was the best thing to do.

Though having the awesome girlfriend that I have, and because there were only two other people in the cinema, I was able to have ball by ball coverage on my phone sitting in my lap, with the screen fully dimmed of course. As the action thriller stakes ramped up on the big screen, so did it on my small screen in almost perfect unison. So my review for this film may end up being a little biased, because was that funny nervous tummy for the films ability to grip me to the edge of my seat, or was the cricket just so awesome? Me thinks it was mostly the cricket!

As the final over was being bowled, with 12 runs needed of 6 balls, and with the end of the movie rapping up, both myself and my girl watched ball by ball, and with two to go, she just says, “he’ll hit a six”, and he did. World. Cup. Final. Boom! But, now for the movie. I actually really liked this film, as the directing was nicely done, it had a great cast of supporting actors, though a strong female character was severely lacking, and all up in was a gripping bit of cinema. Or was it? If the cricket made it better in my eyes, remains to be seen, but for now I’d say it’s worth a watch.

8.5 out of 10 from me!!!

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