Chappie, Film, Movie, Review, The Flawed GuruGoing back a few years now, there was a young South African director in New Zealand to shoot a trailer for a feature film adaption of the X-Box game Halo. I knew a few people on the shoot, and a lot of people were still scratching their heads at how someone who had never made a feature film before, would have the backing of the power team behind the Lord Of The Rings films, as making Halo into a feature film would be daunting even for the most experienced of filmmakers.

That film never came about in the end, but the trailer video that was made was pretty cool, as were the short films that had garnered him the attention to get to this position in the first place. Though it wasn’t until his actual first feature came out, District 9, that people understood how good this guy really was, as he both wrote and directed what was easily one of the best films of 2009. His follow up film took a long time to come out, for reasons I’m still not sure why, but when the 2013 film Elysium did hit the big screen, it was a massive let down.

How could someone who had made such a good film, drop the ball in so many areas for his follow up. So cut to 2015, and his third feature film, Chappie, and there was a part of me not knowing what to expect when going into see it. His track record was one great film and one average one, and with people already saying negative things about this one, it was hard not to take all that baggage in with me. Well, this film easily falls in-between his first two, as it had really good elements, and others that just fell flat, in both a directing and narrative storytelling sense.

I won’t go on much more about the film, as I try to keep these brief, but what I will say, that for all its flaws, it still ended in a really satisfying way for me, and left me thinking it was maybe better than it had been through the movie. So though not one I’m likely to see again in a while, it was still a good film that could have done with another polish on the script and maybe even the directing, and if you’re looking for something to see on a cold rainy day, then this should do nicely.

8 out of 10 from me!!!

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