The Age Of Adaline

The Age Of Adaline, The Flawed Guru, Film, Movie, ReviewI’m not one to seek out romance movies to watch, especially if it has based on the Nicholas Sparks book on the poster. But sometimes a film that is through-and-through a romance film aimed at women, has something a little more. Which was the case with, The Age Of Adaline. That little bit of something else was the fact it was about the lead character gaining the ability to never age. For a guy like me, those added elements are often required to drag ourselves along to see these films, which I happily did for my most recent date night with my girl.

The lead was played by Blake Lively, who I haven’t’ really had a huge amount of exposure to, but the films I have seen her in, she’s impressed me, especially with, The Town and Savages. She gave a strong performance, and pulled off the classical style of her character, as though she looked in her 20’s, she was 100 on the inside, and that I’m sure would have brought up some interesting choices for the way she performed various scenes. She’s not bad to look at either, and was backed up by the equally pleasing to look at, Michiel Huisman, as some of you will know as Daario Naharis in, Game Of Thrones.

It had solid acting, directing, and writing throughout, and even though the end was pretty predictable, it was still a good heart-warming film that had enough to keep the guy in all of us a little bit content. So pick it if you’re looking to get some brownie points with the lady in your life, and to be fair, you most likely dragged her along to see Fast And The Furious 7, so she’s in need of a treat.

8.5 out of 10 from me!!!

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