The Gunman

The Gunman, Film, Movie, Review, The Flawed GuruThese days I purposely keep myself away from film news sites unless it’s put in front of me, like on my Facebook news-feed. Because of this, films often don’t come onto my radar till I see the trailer. Even then there are films that I won’t even know exist till I check the film timetable at my local cinema to see what I want to watch that week, which is the case with this film, The Gunman.

Firstly, this film is directed by the same man behind, Taken. Not only does that bring about an expected level of quality for the action scenes, but for me personally, it was also a big surprise. For some reason I always thought that film was direct by Luc Besson, but turns out he just co-wrote and produced it. So colour me surprised! This film is only the directors 4th, with his début being the 2004 free running French film, District B13, which I knew of but had never seen. Taken was his follow up, which of course speaks for itself, and then there was the 2010, From Paris With Love, which I’m not sure if I’ve seen or not.

With all his films being action, you can expect that his style will be similar throughout, and if you’re looking for some Taken-esque action, then you’re in luck, as the action here was great! Lots of gun play, and awesome hand-to-hand combat, and god-damn is Sean Penn looking buff for a mid 50’s dude, or any aged dude for that matter! The story has its issues, and I know there were some issues behind the scenes that might have caused this with Joel Silver, who was one of the producers, as he got kicked out of post-production, but all up this was still a really enjoyable and solid action thriller.

8.5 out of 10 from me!!!

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