Fringe, TV, Review, The Flawed GuruNow normally if I was to review a TV series, such as I did for Band of Brothers, I would watch the whole series before making my review. However, with the new series, Fringe, finally hitting our TV screens 9 months after it started in the States, and with the huge buzz that has come with it, I thought I’d get in early with my thoughts.

I hadn’t heard much about the show before I sat down last week to watch the first episode, except for the hype saying it’s great and that it’s the new X-Files for the late 00’s. So I was expecting something different and edgy like Lost, which is made by a few of the same people, and would deal with interesting subjects like the X-Files.

First off, the name of the show was something that interested me, especially once I realised what it meant. I never really put much thought into the name until the opening title scene in which lots of words came up on screen. It didn’t take me long to realise they were all very interesting subjects – scientific, but mostly pseudoscience or ‘fringe’ science. So I was like ‘ahhhh, I see’ and that perked my interest right from the start as it was going to be dealing with the fringes of science.

As the episode continued, it weaved an interesting story with a handful of colourful characters, then about half way through there was a surprising turn of events that suddenly turned this mystery/scientific type of show into a sci-fi show. I have now watched 4 episodes and it’s looking like there may even be an alien twist in the works.

Except for a few issues I have with the show, such as the main actress who is very ‘grating’, I think this is looking to be a great new addition to the other great series that are on TV these days. I’ll only put up a temporary rating for now, but if it continues on the same path as it’s currently going, then it could be a decent locked in rating at the end of the season.

8.5 out of 10 from me!!!

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