A Royal Night Out

A Royal Night Out, Film, Movie, Review, The Flawed GuruWhen you watch a lot of films at the cinema, there are times when there’s nothing new to see. Then there are the times that there is something to see, but it’s not exactly the kind of film you normally head along to with your partner in tow. A Royal Night Out was a perfect example of this, seeing as the audience was made up of all older ladies, and then there was my girlfriend and me, the youngest by 20 years. But what can I say, it was just one of those weeks when all films had been seen, and we were left with but one option.

A film like this, which was inspired by true events, but didn’t state this at the start, often leaves you wondering what is or isn’t real. I think this can be a bad thing sometimes as too often you’re sitting there thinking about the truth of it all instead of just enjoying the film. A quick Google search after the film though told me the true story, but luckily I didn’t find myself that taken out of the film itself, as there was nothing too wild as to make me wonder too much if it was true or creative license.

The film was a fun time, and gave an interesting insight into what it must have been like at the end of the war, and not even just for the royals, and I enjoyed the performances, with Bel Powley stealing the show as Princess Margaret. It won’t be for everyone, as it really is more aimed at woman, and maybe older woman at that, as do young people really care what the two English Princesses got up to on their fairly tame night out after the war? Most likely not. But both myself and my girlfriend enjoyed it, and so maybe there is something there for a more broader audience.

8 out of 10 from me!!!

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