Poltergeist, Film, Review, Movie, The Flawed GuruBeing a big fan of any original film means when it’s remade, you tend to walk a delicate balance of not overly comparing it to the new one and not letting that detract your opinion too much. On the other hand, you love that film for a reason, and if the remake just doesn’t live up to these standards, than it can deserve to be looked down upon as a poor reincarnation.

Remakes are a hard business though, as it’s very rare that a remake is better than the original, unless we are talking about remakes of films that are 40, 50, or 60 years old. The only modern remake of a modern film I think is either as good as or better than the original, would be The Departed, based on the Hong Kong films Infernal Affairs 1 and 2. So that’s a very short list.

Which brings us to one of my favourite horrors of my childhood, and which I still hold in very high regard, Poltergeist. I didn’t even know they were doing a remake until I saw the film appear at my local cinema, so it instantly brought up an inner pang of tension, as why remake such a classic. Then again, we are talking about a film that’s now 33 years old, so maybe it’s the perfect time for a modern retelling.

Well, no, no it’s not the time, or at the very least this version is not the right one to retell such an awesome and classic 80’s film. Don’t get me wrong, for someone never having seen the original may like this film, but there were just too many things that were annoying and plain bad that just made me really dislike it and cringe often, and each time that happened it made my memory grip more and more tightly to the original.

They went bigger in almost every way, and as they say, bigger isn’t always better. Also the use of modern technology just took away from the story I felt, and though I know with it being a modern retelling that things like this would be needed, it just didn’t work for me. Some of my favourite things from the original were also taken out, and either replaced with worse versions of them, or just left out entirely. So all up, stick with the original film I say!

6 out of 10 from me!!!

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