Gladiator, Film, Movie, Review, The Flawed GuruIt’s hard to imagine it now in today’s film world but back before Gladiator there hadn’t been a big budget ‘Sword and Sandal’ film for nearly 25 years and they were breaking new ground in many ways.

Of course since then one or two big budget epic battle films have come out every year and it’s easy to forget that this film started this all off. It was also the film that brought Ridley Scott, the director, back to the forefront of directing and he has continued that with many great films since.

“Maximus is a powerful Roman general, loved by the people and the aging Emperor, Marcus Aurelius. Before his death, the Emperor chooses Maximus to be his heir over his own son, Commodus, and a power struggle leaves Maximus and his family condemned to death.

The powerful general is unable to save his family, and his loss of will allows him to get captured and put into the Gladiator games until he dies. The only desire that fuels him now is the chance to rise to the top so that he will be able to look into the eyes of the man who will feel his revenge.”

The version I based this review off is extended, although not a director’s cut as many of these special editions are these days. Scott has said the theatrical edition was his preferred choice but this extended version just gives the viewer an extra 20 minutes of the world to enjoy.

It looks great in HD although some of the CG does look dated, but at the end of the day that’s the kind of thing you have to look past when watching older films in HD. Story wise and filmmaking wise this film still holds up 10 years on and I’m sure it will for years to come.

8.5 out of 10 from me!!!

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