Tomorrowland, Film, Movie, Review, The Flawed GuruHave you ever been to a film that’s been getting a lot of hate, and ended up coming out loving it, or at the very least enjoying it a lot more than the negative reviews suggest? I sure have, with Babylon A.D. and John Carter perfect examples of this. So when I started to see reviews come in for Tomorrowland, another Disney film as was John Carter, and they weren’t exactly being nice about it, my natural thought was to give it a miss.

But, I didn’t, as there was good pedigree behind the film from the director to the actors, so I decided to give it a go, and I was sure glad I did! This film took me back to those childhood films I loved that which whisked me away on an adventure to a world I wish I could visit. There were some dark moments, though good kids films always deal with those, and the story elements could be seen as a little preachy, but all up I just wanted more.

The acting was great, with Britt Robertson clearly a star on the rise, and Raffey Cassidy also delivering a believable and likeable performance, and Clooney and Laurie rounded out the lead roles perfectly. Brad Bird once again delivered a really fun and visual world to enjoy, and now that he’s made the move over to live action films, I hope he’ll be able to continue down this path, as well as going back to animated films with the right story.

Sometimes when I see hate aimed at kids films, I wonder if it’s adults polluting it with their own adult pessimism. These same adults won’t see really kiddie films, but when a film crosses over to the adult audience, then they seem to forget that it’s still a kids film, and not aimed at us grownups. I feel we need to take off that adult hat, chuck on the whimsical nostalgic child hat, and just let the story take us away to Tomorrowland.

9 out of 10 from me!!!

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