San Andreas

San Andreas, Film, Movie, Review, The Flawed GuruIt’s been a while since I’ve seen a big disaster film, and in fact I can’t even really remember the last one I did see. That can be taken different ways of course, with one being that it really has been a long time, or two that they normally don’t live long in the memory banks. Though one thing that does seem to be happening with them, is they are getting a little smarter. Big dumb blockbusters still get made, but it has been refreshing to see these films, and disaster films especially, being made for a more discerning audience.

That was until I saw this film of course! Now, I’m fully aware you don’t go to these films for much else other than the massive destruction spectacle, but is it also not too much to ask for a bit more meat on the bones? There were so many bad bits of dialogue, and stupid plot points, like the death of the ‘bad guy’. Who, when you really think about it, didn’t really do that much wrong to get his own gruesome death scene that I’m sure the filmmakers thought would bring about a cheer from the audience, but instead just came off as pointless.

The Rock was great and imposing as ever, even if he was having to say some shitty dialogue, and Alexandra Daddario was a great distraction with those amazing eyes and boobs. When your two leads are more interesting to look at than the film itself, you’ve done something wrong. Sure the massive destruction was cool to see, as really on the big screen is the only place we’d ever want to see such things happen, but with all the dumb lines and stuff happening, I just ended up not caring about the epicenes, and instead got bored.

5.5 out of 10 from me!!!

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