Into The Universe With Stephen Hawking

Into The Universe With Stephen HawkingOther than seeing a few brief bits on the news about Stephen Hawking, and knowing he’s one of the smartest guys currently alive, I don’t really know much about him and his work. His most famous book, A Brief History of Time, is meant to be amazing, although at the same time an incredibly hard read for a ‘normal’ person to wrap their heads around.

So I guess that’s why I wasn’t that interested in finding out more about him as he didn’t really seem like an accessible subject. However, I got the chance recently to check out a 2010 TV series based on his thoughts about the universe, and it was sold as a mainstream audience show, so I thought it should be good to watch to get an understanding of the man’s ideas but in a more understandable way.

The show touched on a few different subjects with reference to the wider universe, from aliens to time travel, and was actually a pretty good watch even though everything that was talked about was all very much theoretical.

The computer graphic animation was a tad on the budget side, but it was a nice touch to see Hawking’s sense of humour come through as I guess it’s easy to think someone so smart wouldn’t have one!  So all up it was an interesting show, but as it was based just on ‘what if’s’ I wasn’t able to get into it as much as if it had been based on ‘fact’.

7.5 out of 10 from me!!!

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