The Universe, Season 2

The Universe, TV, Review, The Flawed GuruI thought I had been all ‘universed’ out, as in the last month I had watched the 2010 Stephen Hawking series and the 2010 Morgan Freeman produced series on the universe, back to back. Hawking’s was a four part series and Freeman’s was eight parts, and though both touched on similar issues, I was in luck having watched them in the order I had. The Hawking’s series was a good start into getting my head around the issues in the universe and Freeman’s series got me deeper into those issues.

So when I realised that the next on my list was the 20 part series, The Universe – Season 2, which was 3 years old, I thought this might be a boring watch as it would retrace things I had just learned about and some of the knowledge may already be obsolete. I watched it anyway and hoped that it would in fact continue to satisfy my current fascination with the universe.

Well, just as I was lucky to have watched the other two series in the right order, I think this show was perfect to have seen third. Although it did touch on issues I had already seen, and also referenced things that in the three years since had now been proven or disproven, it still opened up a massive wider knowledge base for me.

With 20 episodes in this series it was able to go into each particular subject in a much deeper and more interesting way. Also, with each episode being on only one subject, and with 20 episodes in the season, it meant it touched on a lot of other things that the other shows hadn’t. So, all up, I found this to be an even better series than the others and I look forward to checking out all the other seasons.

9.5 out of 10 from me!!!

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