Armour Of God

Armour Of God, Film, Movie, Review, The Flawed GuruJackie Chan has made so many films over the years that he has been able to give almost every genre a try within the frame, of course, of a martial arts movie. So whether it be a cop, pirate, adventure, spy, western, or period drama, he has done them all.

Which brings us to the Armour of God movies he made back in the mid to late 80’s, which were his attempt at Indiana Jones type movies. Chan has always been a big fan of Hollywood cinema and has often taken elements from not only modern films but also from the golden age of American cinema, which is interesting as US filmmakers have also started borrowing from Chan himself completing the circle.

“Jackie Chan plays an ex-singer-turned-fortune-hunter, whose ex-girlfriend is kidnapped by an evil cult who is trying to find the 5 pieces of the Armour of God. Her fiancé, an old friend of Jackie’s, turns to him for help – as the kidnappers intended, as they know Jackie is one of the few men who will be able to find the armour.”

This film will always be famous for the fact it involved one stunt where Jackie almost died when he was jumping from a ledge to a tree and the branch he grabbed onto snapped. He plummeted to the ground and smashed his head on a rock requiring him to get emergency surgery to release the pressure inside his skull. Of all the big stunts he’s done in his life this was such a simple one which went horribly wrong.

This is often the case with stunts where the small ones are the ones where you pick up the bigger injuries. He survived the fall and came back months later to finish the film, which is pretty noticeable with his hair having grown a lot between the accident and the second round of filming. This film wasn’t overall a memorable one for Jackie Chan, with the end fight between him and four large muscled black women being the only stand out sequence, but it was still a fun film like most of his films are.

7 out of 10 from me!!!

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