Charlie Murphy: I Will Not Apologize

Charlie Murphy , Will Not Apologize,  Review, The Flawed GuruCharlie Murphy is someone who first came to my attention when I watched Chappelle’s Show. He was a very minor character in the skit show in season 1 but was much more prevalent in seasons 2 and 3. He even had his own segment where he talked about the famous people he had met in the industry, as he was the older brother of the much more famous Eddie Murphy and they got up to a lot of antics in the 80’s and 90’s.

Since then, I’ve seen him pop up from time to time with small roles in movies and on TV, but other than that, in my eyes, he’s still Charlie Murphy from Dave Chappelle’s comedy skit show. So when I saw that he had a comedy stand up DVD out I thought it would be worth seeing what he’s able to do on his own.

Right off the bat the DVD informed me that Charlie has been doing the stand up circuit for years, and it’s only since his more recent fame that his work has been getting more and more attention. His style is a mix of typical stand up comedy type of jokes as well as his usual style of retelling old stories from his heyday, and if you want someone telling a story, then Charlie is your man as he knows how to animate a story and make it very engaging.

It was pretty solid all round and I’ve seen much worse, which sounds very harsh, but I think with a few more DVD specials under his belt he could be getting up there with the best. Though, funnily enough, when I was watching the special features, which included a lot of one-off jokes from other nights on tour, those were some of his best material and makes me wonder why a lot of those didn’t make it into the main DVD. Those alone, as an example, show he could go a long way.

7.5 out of 10 from me.

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