Paper Towns

Paper Towns, Film, Movie, Review, The Flawed GuruLast year came The Fault In Our Stars, which was the first book of author John Green’s to get the big screen adaption, even though it was the most recent of his 6 published books. It was a good film, and a real tear jerker, and you could easily see why his work had garnered him so much praise. So this year, his 4th book, Paper Towns, was brought to the big screen, and starring Nat Wolff, who was a big part in the previous year’s film. Also by the looks of it, 3 of his other 4 books have adaptations in the works, so maybe next year I’ll be reviewing another maybe?

What I really liked about this film was the writing and acting. The film felt so grounded in reality, as in everything that was happening to these characters felt exactly how real teenagers would react in the situations they were going through. The dialogue was great, and the flow of the story kept you hooked, and to a certain point, on the edge of your seat. But, there were also a few moments where I felt it went down the path of the not quite believable, which felt a little annoying seeing how grounded the rest of the film was.

My main gripe though, which isn’t a gripe as much as I think the main point of the film, is that the lead female character just wasn’t a very nice or likable person. I found myself thinking she was a selfish and self-absorbed brat, and it wasn’t till the end that I realised that was the point that the other characters had to also learn about her. So if I didn’t like her, but was meant to like her, then that would be marks off for the film and the story as a whole, but seeing as I feel it was maybe the subtle point of the story arch, then I’ll actually give it props for such a bold move.

8.5 out of 10 from me!!!

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