Fantastic Four

Fantastic Four, Film, Movie, Review, The Flawed GuruThere are comic book movies coming out all the time these days, which for a lover of comics, is a great thing. That’s not too say all of them are automatically accepted as good, as I’ve seen many bad, many average, and many great ones. Though when it comes to this latest comic book film, and the 3rd Fantastic Four movie, as the 90’s Rodger Corman film should never been considered, if only for the reason it never got released theatrically.

Why this film is interesting is because the last 2 films were still in the mould of campy comic book films, where they take the piss out of the audience and the source material at the same time. Because of this, and because it came out when comic book movies were making a turn towards the serious and actually being good, meant these films just looked average and bad, which they were. Where as this one, 10 years later and taking on board the change in the filmic comic book world, was darker and more serious.

Though what is much more interesting to me, is all the character rights Marvel farmed out to various studios in the 80’s and 90’s, have started to come back to them, allowing them to add them into their amazing and growing Marvel Cinematic Universe. This universe has been missing some rather big names these past 8 years, such as Mutants from the X-Men teams, Spiderman and his various villains, and Fantastic Four.

Smaller ones such as Ghost Rider, Punisher, and Blade reverted back already, but Spiderman was a big one, and when Sony dropped the ball with the last 3 Spiderman films, and the recent Sony hacking scandal, meant pressure was put on and Spiderman half came back into the fold. So though he will ‘technically’ still be a Sony character for now, he’s now also going to be appearing in Marvel films within their main universe.

Which means X-Men and Fantastic Four, which are both with Fox, still leaves a big hole in that Marvel Cinematic world. So the thinking is, if this new film bombs, then there’s no reason to think that Fox would make any more, thus letting the rights return fully back to Marvel, or maybe in a 50/50 deal like they have with Spiderman and Sony. For me, I think Fox has done a terrible job with Fantastic Four, and only an ok job with X-Men, so I’m all for these returning to Marvel.

So what does all this mean? It means going into this film I had mixed feelings. I had heard people say it was horrible and deserved to mean an instant end to Fox having anything to do with it. I had heard it was ok and good enough for a sequel to be put into the works, meaning Fox would hold onto the rights for years to come. But I also had seen the trailer, which I liked, and I really hoped to see a good film. So in a way I hoped to see a good film, that bombed at the box-office, thus meaning Fox gave up the rights. So did I get my wish?

I think I did, kind of. I actually liked the film, or at least two thirds of it. The last third felt very rushed and anticlimactic, and the villain, I felt, could easily have been left till their second or even third film in the series, if they ever got that far. Instead they used up one of the biggest villains in the Marvel Universe in a pretty average way. Other than that though, I liked the characters and the story, but the action and the last third just wasn’t enough for it to be anything more than just good. It’s also not doing big business at the cinemas which is a good sign, but I’ve also heard they will be making a sequel regardless. So interesting times ahead.

7.5 out of 10 from me!!!

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