Mr. Holmes

Mr. Holmes, Film, Movie, Review, The Flawed GuruSherlock Holmes is one of those few iconic characters that has lasted the test of time, which is surprising seeing as he comes from a fairly stuffy era in time, so it’s interesting modern audiences still want to see fresh stories about him. Not that he’s a real person of course, which means any story that is told can be about everything and anything, though I think it’s the hook of him being able to see everything and make instant connections from the tiniest scraps of evidence that really makes people love him.

With a current hit TV show out there, two big budget films a few years back, and lots of other Sherlock inspired type things on film and TV, means he’s pretty much saturated these days. Though when I saw the trailer for Mr. Holmes, I was intrigued, as instead of taking the young and spritely version of Holmes, or even the closer to retirement version, they instead went for the mid 90’s version who has been retired for decades.

The film did have flash backs to the end of his career, but the main story of an old and somewhat grumpy Holmes was rather refreshing, and with his two supporting characters holding their own, made for a thoroughly enjoyable film. There was some great acting, directing, and writing, but sadly my one sour note is on the writing, as there is the odd plot hole I just can’t wrap my head around. Other than that though, this is well worth seeing if you’re in the mood for a laid back evening.

8.5 out of 10 from me!!!

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