New Police Story

New Police Story, Film, Review, Movie, The Flawed GuruJackie Chan made three Police Story movies back in the 80’s and early 90’s, and Police Story 1 was the film that made him a mega star and is easily one of his best movies, if not his best. So in 2005 he re-launched the series with the hope of maybe starting another trilogy with the film New Police Story.

Although it had Chan acting as a different character than in the original films, he played a role similar to the character he played as a younger man. He plays an officer high up the ranks of the police force and in a way it feels like that’s what his character from the original series would have been 15 years down the track. So the fact they decided to change the character seems like a strange thing to do.

There’s one thing that Chan has always struggled with in his films and that’s a decent story that makes sense. I love his films but plot holes and bad acting are a staple of his films and New Police Story is no different. However, with a turn away from action and more into dramatic acting, this was maybe his best film for his acting ability. The action was still on show though and was still good enough to satisfy the old fans.

7.5 out of 10 from me!!!

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