Police Story

Police Story, Film, Movie, Review, The Flawed GuruJackie Chan has been a huge star for many years and some of his movies can be seen as his ‘star’ films, which will see him go down in history as one of the greatest action actors of all time. In America those films would include the Rush Hour series, and no doubt the up and coming remake of the Karate Kid, which from the trailer looks great.

In his Hong Kong movies it’s films like Drunken Master 2 and the Police Story series, with Police Story 1 often being seen as the best film he’s ever done. With it dating back to 1985 it was at the height of his physical prowess and was the film that turned him into a super star in the Asian world.

With some of the most amazing stunt sequences ever captured on film, and many having been ripped off by more films than maybe any other movie since, this film stands out as a joy to watch. With a basic story line, which often Hong Kong films have, it moved along at a brief pace interspersed with comedy moments, action and even a brief dance number.

From stunt to stunt you wonder how these guys get away without hurting themselves badly. However, once the credits roll you’re treated to a montage of behind the scenes action where often the stunts go wrong and they do end up getting hurt. At least the stunt people can see it as being worth it as often those ‘takes’ are the ones that make it into the film.

9 out of 10 from me!!!

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