Reno 911: Season 1

Reno 911, Season 1, TV, Review, The Flawed GuruReno 911 is a TV series I have always caught bits and pieces of over the years but just never sat down to watch a full episode. Then the feature film, Reno 911: Miami, came out a few years ago and the trailer looked great but again I never got around to watching the series. However, once I had the opportunity to check out the first season of the long running comedy series I jumped at the chance.

It’s filled with many great comedy actors who have been seen in lots of different films and TV series over the years, and by bringing them all together it has created something very cool. With a whole host of great supporting characters, with each episode backing them up, it makes for one great package.

I really like this series as it’s so different from other kind of comedy shows that we are used to. It’s made up of lots of tiny comedy sketches of the lives of these 7 cops with often a weak main storyline running through the episode.
At the end of the day the storylines aren’t that important as it’s the on-the-fly acting that sees the actors often just having fun with the scenes, seeing what happens and simply running with it. Even though this first series is from 2003 it still feels like a breath of fresh air.

8.5 out of 10 from me!!!

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