Reno 911: Season 4

Reno 911, Season 4, TV, Review, The Flawed GuruReno 911 ran for six seasons and I’ve now been able to see four of those, and as with many long running TV shows, it’s hard to separate the different seasons and say one is better than the other. Being a fan of the show though, I was looking forward to checking out this fourth season.

Even though it’s a skit show there are through-running storylines that do have some lasting effects on the characters, so seeing what direction they had taken everyone for this season was an exciting prospect. Also this is the season which led up to the feature film they released, Reno 911: Miami, which I hope to see soon.

Having seen season three not that long ago, it was clearly obvious that a lot of the material used for this fourth season was from skits they had filmed in the previous year. That wasn’t a bad thing, and in some ways it gave you a deeper insight into some of the skits themselves.

A few character story progressions including pregnancies, deaths, and some other funny comedy angles, made for a good continuation of the show and another worthy season of this great skit comedy programme.

8.5 out of 10 from me!!!

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