Maze Runner: The Scorch Trials

Maze Runner, The Scorch Trials, Film, Movie, Review, The Flawed GuruThe first Maze Runner film came out last year, and for me was a surprise package. I had seen most of the teen novel adaption’s over the years, with some being good, others ok, and some just plain bad. This films trailer looked like nothing special, but when I actually saw it I was hugely impressed. Sure there were things not right with it, and not all of it made sense, but overall I really enjoyed it. With the sequel, The Scorch Trails, out almost a year to the day, meant I was excited to see how this one stood up to the first and to see where the story led them.

Right off the bat, with how the first film ended, and with what I ‘thought’ I saw in the trailer for this follow up film, I assumed this second film was going to be them going through similar situations that they found themselves in the first film, as in being set challenges to survive within the maze, but instead have it set inside a massive bombed out post-apocalyptic cityscape. So the whole time I kept waiting for that twist to happen, but it never did, which just really confused me.

I decided to watch the first film again after I got home from seeing this sequel, and it confused me even more on the second watch, as there seemed to be so many things that just didn’t make sense, especially taking into account what happens in The Scorch Trails. Then there was the PG version of the themes they touched on in the film, such as PG zombies, PG sex clubs, PG violence, and PG bad language, which all seemed so tame to the point of it being silly. It felt like shit was also the only ‘bad’ word they could safely use, and it felt like it was used a lot!

There were so many plot holes in the script, or at least to me they weren’t explained enough for me to see them as nothing other than plot holes. There were also so many ‘real’ world things that were broken in the film, such as sliding down elevator cables bear handed, and landing on a cracked window with a 100 meter drop below, and instead or staying sprawled out and slowly moving off the soon to break glass, they instead decided to stand up and not even attempt to move off it! That shit just bothers me, and more so when the film has been dropping the ball in other areas.

So I went in hoping to see a really good film that built on the first one that I really enjoyed, but instead I came out disappointed, and on reflection and a second watch, it’s even dropped the quality of the first film in my eyes. Good action, good directing, good acting for the most part, average writing, and average world building, adds up to a muddled film, though I will still check out the next film which comes out in 2017, as it’s the last in the series, and I do want to know what happens.

7 out of 10 from me!!!

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