The Richard Pryor Show

The Richard Pryor Show, TV, Review, The Flawed GuruRichard Pryor is a comedian I have heard a lot about over the years, and thought I knew a decent amount about, while at the same time having never really seen much of his work. I remember seeing some of his films when I was a kid, but the person who stuck in my mind more from those was his co-star, Gene Wilder, who was of course Will Wonka, who was a big influence on me growing up.

One thing I have heard a lot over the years from stand up comedians is Pryor’s name at the top of the list as being either the ‘groundbreaker’ when it came to a new more raw style of stand up, or just the ‘best’ of all time. So when I had a chance to check out his TV show I thought it was time to get myself more acquainted with this man.

There has always been one quote from Pryor, which I read a few years back and has stuck in my mind, saying he’s now passed the torch onto the current age comedian Dave Chappelle, who I think is a genius, and it wasn’t until seeing this show that I really got the meaning of this statement.

Considering this show was made in the late 70’s, it is very clearly groundbreaking in its content and delivery. It moves so effortlessly from comedy and drama through to social commentary. When looking at the likes of Chappelle, though his skits don’t really touch on the drama aspects, he sure does utilise all the other elements that Pryor was toying with.

Pryor’s work is unique and in some places rather poignant, and now seeing the modern age guys doing their thing, it’s easy to see why so many hold Pryor up as high as they do. Although it’s not for everyone, if you’re a deep thinker, then I believe you too will appreciate what he was trying to do with the show.

9 out of 10 from me!!!

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