The Intern

The Intern, Film, Movie, Review, The Flawed GuruNormally when I review films I have a semi-defined process. That being, I see it, and the next day, or sometimes that day, I write a review about it. Though when I saw this film, The Intern, it was the day before I headed off on holiday for a week, and so I decided to put if off till I got back. So with it nearly having been two weeks since seeing this film, let’s see what I can remember so as to write a half decent review.

Right off the bat I’ll say that the trailer looked just ok, and I more saw this film like I do many films, just because it’s on. Being a massive film buff, and still loving the experience of going to the cinema, means I try and see as much as I can on the big screen, and often the only reason some films are seen is because there’s nothing else to see. Though having said that, it didn’t mean I thought the film would be bad, as I still hoped for some good laughs.

The directing and writing felt a little messy in parts, and having only seen two of the directors films before, I can’t safely say this is a flaw in her other work, as I can hardly remember those films, seeing as one I saw 12 years ago, and the other 15. Despite that, there were some laughs, and all up it was a nice story and good way to spend an evening at the cinema. So though not a memorable film, it is one I’d happily see again in a few years, and recommend to most people looking for an easy watch.

8 out of 10 from me!!!

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