The Martian

The Martian, Film, Movie, Review, The Flawed GuruWhen you go into a sci-fi film that has been backed up by NASA effectively saying everything in it would be possible, except for a few things, and they might even be doing just that in the coming years, does it still make it sci-fi? That’s an interesting question to think about, as most sci-fi is instantly seen as that for its futuristic setting with far flung technologies that are either theoretically possible or just outright impossibly cool gadgets. When those gadgets and all the science is only a few years ahead of where we are, and we are very much going to have them, is it something other than sci-fi?

Regardless of all that, this film still was made more interesting because of its stringent guidelines of sticking to the possibilities of a mission to Mars. Yes dramatic licence was taken with the wind storm and a few other things, but it always made you feel that the stakes were higher for that very reason that it was all very real. With keeping to the reality theme makes you think they could also have been pretty boring with all the scientific mumbo jumbo and the realities of things such as communication time differences between Earth and Mars, but instead they nailed the mix perfectly.

Really when it comes down to it this film won’t be for everyone, and I think that’s because it looks like a sci-fi film, but really ends up being a real world drama because of how close it is to where we are today. But if people can look past the confusing science talk, then I feel they will love this film as much as I did. Great directing, writing, and acting, grounds this film easily in the top notch of entertaining but at the same time damn good blockbuster big screen experiences!

9 out of 10 from me!!!

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