Burnt, Film, Movie, Review, The Flawed GuruWhen I first saw the trailer for Burnt, I wasn’t sure if it was a drama thriller about Bradley Cooper being a chef and that being the frame in which the story would be painted in, or if this was a drama thriller ‘about’ the ‘actual’ world of chefs and fine dining restaurants. There was enough in the trailer to think both ways, but either way it still looked interesting. I’m also a fan of Bradley Coopers, but that’s not to say all his films are good, but he’s always charismatic enough to make it entertaining.

Right off the bat the film felt a little messy in the storytelling. It was like seeing someone’s master plan work out exactly how they wanted it to, and that can sometimes feel a little fake. Not only that, the directing, and I guess editing to a point, didn’t help things, and in the first 30 minutes there were a few times that I thought this could all fall apart at any moment. I tried not to let this sway me though, and so I gave it a chance to redeem itself.

I’m glad I did give it that second chance, as it got more and more gripping through the film, and I was glad to see that things didn’t always go to plan, and in fact when they didn’t you kind of didn’t see it coming at all. The story very much is about the world of chefs, fine dining, and the egos that go along with it, and in a way the character stuff with Mr Cooper was what felt a little bolted on. All up though I actually really liked it, and though not the best film he’s done, or one of the best films this year, it’s still an interesting and entertaining film.

8 out of 10 from me!!!

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