Paranormal Activity: The Ghost Dimension

Paranormal Activity, The Ghost Dimension, Film, Movie, Review, The Flawed GuruThe series of films that make up Paranormal Activity are a mixed bunch, with some being pretty damn good, to others being a hair breadth away from being bad. All up though I actually really like the series, as they are interwoven, which is something I like from horror, like the Saw series did.

Though for me number 4 was the downward spiral of the series, which continued with number 5, which was also the first in the series to get an extended name, The Marked Ones. The 6th film in the series, and again given an extended name, The Ghost Dimension, and with it being touted as the last ever and the one that will tie everything up, meant I was still keen to see it…kind of.

Having seen it though, I can say two things. One, this continued the downward spiral of the series, as this is easily the worst so far. Two, this had better be the last, as if they do make any more of these then I don’t think I could ever be bothered re-watching the other Paranormal Activity films again as it’s been degraded so far. Sadly though, despite them saying it’s the last; due to the cheapness to make them, and the tens of millions they make at the box office, most likely means we’ll see more.

There was just so much wrong with it. Case in point, the 3D. Only the ‘scary’ scenes had 3D, so if you watched without your glasses, which you could do for 90% of the film, then you knew exactly when they would try and use loud noises and jump scares to try and drag any kind of feeling out of you. I even contemplated not putting my glasses back on sometimes as it may have made the film better doing so. Add in pointless characters, nonsensical actions of everyone involved, a boring and overly convoluted story, and something that just wasn’t scary, and you get the worst film of the year so far.

5 out of 10 from me!!!

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