James Bond: Spectre

James Bond, Spectre, Film, Movie, Review, The Flawed GuruJames Bond is one of the few truly iconic film characters that has stood the test of time. In fact, he might be the number one of all time seeing as there have been 24 Bond movies over the last 53 years. Just think about that for a second. That’s crazy!

Though, I’m fine to admit, that I’ve never really been a Bond fan. The older films never really interested me enough to watch them, and when I did start watching, during the Pierce Brosnan era, they were campy and boring as far as I was concerned. This was made even more apparent when I saw Brosnan in The Thomas Crown Affair, which was way more interesting and fun!

Then of course came the 2006 Casino Royale, with a new man in the Bond seat, Daniel Craig. For the first time, they decided to ground Bond in reality, and for the first time it finally looked interesting to me. I wasn’t disappointed either, as the film was brilliant! This then brought two more sequels, the slightly disappointing Quantum Of Solace, and the almost as good as the first, Skyfall.

With a continuing story through the films, which I really liked, meant when we came to the fourth, and possibly last of the Daniel Craig era, also meant we hopefully had an end to this story arc. With the quality of films before it, and the hope of it wrapping everything up, and a pretty mint trailer, made for some excitement from my part. Sadly though, I was really disappointed in this film.

Maybe I’m all Bond out. Or maybe him turning into the ‘Bond’ everyone knows, as in the womanising spy who always gets what he wants and escapes every situation, is a version I actually don’t like very much. His romantic fling in this film, as well as his one off sexual encounter, both didn’t make sense, and felt like it pandered to what audiences expected. Yes they had that in the last three, but they seemed to do it in a way that felt real and acceptable.

Also in this movie, his ability to find the perfect way out of every situation just became laughable, and his adversaries were easily the most boring to date. This just made for a film that kind of felt a little retro and campy again, which is not what I’m looking for in a Bond film. All up it did its job well, but for me it was the weakest in the series.

7 out of 10 from me!!!

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