Boy, Film, Movie, Review, The Flawed GuruFor a New Zealand film to capture the imagination of the country it has to be pretty good. When the film does that before it’s even released then it really must be something special! Boy is Taika Waititi’s 2nd feature film after his first, Eagle Versus Shark, which I thought was good but needed work.

So with Boy being expanded from his Academy Award nominated short film, Two Cars One Night, you knew this was going to be good. With Waititi having grown as a filmmaker since his first film, and with some great casting, Boy resonated strongly through its trailer and built up a lot of buzz before its release.

With this film currently ripping up the New Zealand box office, you can see why as it just hits the mark in every way with some great performances from Waititi, who plays Boy’s hoodlum father, and what should be an award winning lead performance by James Rolleston as the title character.

When an 11 year old can rip out a performance like that it sets a strong base for a film. He was the star in so many ways with this film and Waititi needs a lot of credit as well for directing him so well.

9 out of 10 from me!!!

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