Buried, Film, Movie, Review, The Flawed GuruBuried was one of the few films that got past me during its making and when I saw the first trailer for it I was intrigued. It looked like a mix of Phone Booth meets the modern type of slasher horror film, which always has that major twist at the end.

With Ryan Reynolds in the lead – who I still think has yet to do his best work, or show what he can really do in the industry – I thought this should at the very least be a good horror thriller, or whatever it’s meant to be, as the trailer made it out that it could possibly go many different ways.

Without doubt this is Reynolds’ best ever performance, and even though it’s a thriller, I hope like hell he gets recognition for his work with an Academy award nomination. The only thing holding him back will be the fact it’s a unique thriller with maybe a few horror connotations thrown in, which of course the Academy instantly may see as not worthy of nominating for awards.

Add to the mix some amazing directing, considering all he had to work with was filming inside a coffin, and you have a super intense film that had you constantly wondering what was going to happen next and how on earth was it going to finish!

Another simply brilliant and surprising film with only one thing, or scene, I didn’t like which I felt let the film down a lot.

8.5 out of 10 from me!!!

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