City Island

City Island, Film, Movie, Review, The Flawed GuruAs with many of my press screening films, I went into City Island not knowing anything other than from what I had seen with the posters that I had seen around the various cinemas I frequent, and those tended to show it as maybe a dramedy.

Having seen the posters I knew that Andy Garcia was the lead, which brought a level of quality to the project, as he has never failed to impress with his acting, and with only that amount of knowledge I sat down to enjoy the film.

It’s always great when a gem of a film comes along and pulls you out of a film doldrums, as the week I saw this film I had already seen 5 films, and a couple of them had been either bad or super average, but this film quickly brought me back into the light of loving films.

Not to say I didn’t like films after having seen so many, it was more the fact it can sometimes feel like hard work sitting down watching average film after average film, but this film was so good that all those bad films suddenly felt worth it.

With a great simple story, told in an interesting world with great characters and great acting, it had me glued to the screen loving the story that was unfolding and had me falling in love with the characters and their crazy quirky ways. It had some slight moral ambiguity, which I thought could have gone a different way, but other than that story ‘fault’, it was just one all round great film.

9 out of 10 from me!!!

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