Clash Of The Titans

Clash Of The Titans, Film, Movie, Reviews, The Flawed GuruHollywood remakes of old successful films or remakes of recent foreign hits are a dime a dozen these days. The trend now is to even remake old flops, which is always interesting to see if this can be pulled off by Hollywood.

However, Clash Of The Titans, is a remake of an old classic that in its time was a big box office success. The film legend Ray Harryhausen produced the stop motion animation for the original film but for the remake it was all CG that was employed for the huge spectacle.

With Sam Worthington the current ‘it’ man for Hollywood blockbusters, he continues that good run of performances in this film and is the highlight in what could be seen as a bit of a disappointing film. It wasn’t bad but the huge set pieces just never really pulled me into the story or kept me riveted to see what happened next.

This is meant to be the first of a trilogy. However, I can see that perhaps once they don’t have to follow the original story of Perseus and they can move into making up fresh and new stories that maybe it will get better. But for now this is the film I’m reviewing and for me it just never delivered on what it was meant to.

7.5 out of 10 from me!!!

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