The Night Before

The Night Before, Film, Movie, Review, The Flawed GuruTastes can vary greatly, and this includes anything really, be it music, TV, film, and anything else where someone can pick one thing over another. Actors and actresses aren’t immune to this, and often comedians get it the worst, as either you think they are funny or not, and if not, then anything they do you tend to not like. Seth Rogen is one of those people, who is not only at the top of his game and one of the biggest comedian draw cards these past 5 years or more, but he’s also someone people either love or hate.

I for one like him, though that doesn’t mean I like all his films. Though for any of his films that I think are average, there’s at least a couple more I think are great. With his latest offering, The Night Before, it looked like it should be another strong comedy, especially with Joseph Gordon-Levitt along for the ride, as they starred in the pretty awesome dramedy 50/50 a few years ago. This film actually has the same director as that one, which was a good sign, and with Anthony Mackie also in the mix, even though I had never seen him in a comedy, made for an interesting overall package.

Now, I’m not sure if it was because I had just finished a 13 hour day, or if I was over tired, but I thought this was one of the least funny comedies I’ve seen in a while. Why? I really don’t know. Was it too broad? Maybe. Did it not really make sense? Maybe. Were the performances bad? No. But for whatever reason I hardly cracked a laugh, which is surprising for me with the talent on and behind the screen. Some may love it, some may just like it, but I feel there will be those others who dislike it, and not just because of Seth Rogen, but because it was just not very good.

6 out of 10 from me!!!

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