Devil, Film, Movie, Review, The Flawed GuruIn my eyes, M Night Shyamalan has been making one bad film after another for years, and I almost couldn’t see him making a comeback. So when I heard he had a three picture deal with a company where three of his ideas would be taken by other filmmakers, turned into scripts, and then directed by other people, I thought maybe this was the way for him to come back if the films were good.

Even though he wouldn’t direct them, being attached to something that did well would of course help him, and if they ended up being bad then it couldn’t really hurt him any more than what he’s done to himself with his own films. So with Devil being the first film of the three to be released, and with a pretty decent trailer, I thought it was time to see if it was good or whether it would turn out to be another bad film from M Night.

Well this film ended up being an above average horror and easily one of the best films M Night has been a part of since his first few films. It had a good script, with good characters, and the directing was also well done taking into consideration the tight restrictions of filming inside an elevator set.

With a few genuinely creepy moments, a sense of being left with the feeling of what’s going to happen next, and a surprisingly good message at the end, this all made for a well rounded great little film. Here’s hoping this is the upward curve for M Night as a filmmaker.

8.5 out of 10 from me!!!

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