In The Heart Of The Sea

In The Heart Of The Sea, Film, Movie, Review, The Flawed GuruIt’s funny how there are stories that people know even if they have never read them or seen screen adaption’s before. Moby Dick is one of those for me. I know it’s about a whaling captain venturing out into the wilds of the deep ocean where he is confronted by a giant white whale. At its heart, I’m guessing, it’s about man vs nature. I don’t know how it ends either, but I know enough of the whole thing to understand the core concepts, almost like I had read some of the cliff notes.

In The Heart Of The Sea is funnily enough a film adaptation, of the non-fiction book, which was written about the true life event, which inspired the writing of Moby Dick. All a bit confusing I guess, but the way the story is told in the movie, it does explain this rather well. In fact, I would almost rather see a documentary about this ‘true’ story, as even with narrative films based on true events, they can still twist and turn the storytelling to their own motivations.

Maybe it was because I ‘knew’ the story of Moby Dick, or maybe it was because I didn’t 100% trust this to be a ‘true’ retelling of a ‘true’ story, but for some reason I never let the film drag me deeper into it. When the emotional moments hit, or even the horrific actions the crew had to take, it just never effected me. I don’t mean that in me being numb to that sort of thing, just that the characters and situations just never grabbed me enough to make me care.

7.5 out of 10 from me!!!

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