Star Wars: The Force Awakens

Star Wars, The Force Awakens, Film, Movie, Review, The Flawed GuruStar Wars. It’s amazing how such two simple words can invoke so much happiness, anger, excitement, anticipation, trepidation, and a whole other host of feelings. Those feelings can span the whole 6 film saga, or for some it may even be encompassed within just one of the films. Either way, there aren’t many film series that bring about such extremes of emotions in people, as deep down a lot of people have it embedded in our childhood identity.

With the latest film in the series, The Force Awakens, the hype was as big as ever. We had the prequels from 1999 to 2005, which came out 22 years after the originals first aired. With now 16 years separating the first prequel and this new series, you can imagine the amount of pent up thoughts and feelings, especially with the bitter taste those 3 recent films left with people. I for one like all of them, but there is also enough wrong to make them a far cry from the original trilogy.

With my own amount of emotion tied into this series, meant I was damn excited for this, and no film can bring this sense of anticipation like this series does. Lord Of The Rings sure did, but that was more likely to do with the personal connections with it having been filmed in New Zealand. Then again, The Hobbit didn’t bring about such feelings, so who knows. Either way, I was that kid again when that Star Wars logo burst onto the screen followed by the rousing music.

This film really felt like a mix of the two trilogies. The technological filmmaking techniques of the prequels, mixed with the storylines an elements of the originals. Which is to say, it took the best parts from both and combined it into a new fun ride that kept you going right to the end. The humour made it easily the funniest in the series, and I don’t mean Jar Jar slapstick silly. This extra comedy layer really took things to a much better place for me, as sometimes the Star Wars world can be a little too humourless for my liking.

The action was great, the cast were perfect, and the story movement towards a whole new generation of characters and stories was easily the smartest move they could have made. My only gripe is that the story felt all a little predictable. I had avoided any of the spoiler filled news before the release, and even though they said all past canon had been scraped for now a much more focused set of stories, I still knew enough about those to guess what they may use in the telling of this story, and I guess the next two as well.

So even though I loved this film, and can easily see myself going back for more over the coming weeks, it just felt so similar to the original story wise, that I wasn’t surprised once by anything that happened. Will that stop me getting hugely excited for the Star Wars films they will be releasing every year for the foreseeable future? Hell no! Did I like it more than the prequels? Hell yes! Did I like it more than the original films? No. But will it still hold a special place in my heart along with the rest of the Star Wars films? You’re god damn right it will!

9 out of 10 from me!!!

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