Easy A

Easy A, Film, Movie, Review, The Flawed GuruOften a film will come about that launches someone’s career and, frequently, more than one person from that film. Super Bad did that a few years back for its two main male stars, and even though it took a couple of years more, it also launched its main female star into her own leading roles.

Emma Stone was great in Super Bad and I’ve seen her in a few other roles since, for example Zombieland, but I had yet to see her in a big film where she was the ‘name’ star. So when the trailers of Easy A hit cinemas I was glad to see her finally get that chance in a film that very much looked like a female version of Super Bad.

Also with a few friends hyping it up as their own anticipation for it grew, I knew it was a dead cert film I was going to check out on the big screen. With a great cast and lots of quirky dialogue, this film set itself up in the ‘cool’ stakes very early on.

Although I don’t really want to keep comparing it to Super Bad, I must say it felt like it was a little more surreal than that film and often pushed the boundaries of the question, would that really happen in real life?

However, this took nothing away from the film at all. It was funny throughout, with no missed jokes, and with Stone performing at her best, I would say this is a must see for the teen audience and for the older ones of us who feel like a good laugh!

8.5 out of 10 from me!!!

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