Deadpool, Film, Movie, Review, The Flawed GuruAnother year, and another comic book character I loved comes to life. Not that this was the first time they brought Deadpool to the big screen, and they even used the same actor. Though I try not to think too much about the Wolverine version, as it was Deadpool in name only, kind of. Ryan Reynolds, who played Deadpool in both filmic incarnations, will be the first to say his first outing was a shocker, but with the hype surrounding this one, makes you think that will soon be forgotten.

The first thing they got right with this film was the intent. That intent was to make a Hard R rated film. What does that even mean? Well, for a comic book about a foulmouthed assassin, it means they can actually make a film about a foulmouthed assassin, and not a PG 13 Rated version. They can show boobs and butts, extreme violence, and have a whole bunch of naughty words, and it’s all ok, as that’s who this character is.

There have been Hard R superhero films before, such as Watchmen, 300, and Kickass, and I guess you could even throw the Blade films into that mix, but never has there been a film done so pinpoint perfectly, and from Marvel at that. Well, Fox making a Marvel character I guess, as even though I love what Disney/Marvel are doing right now, I don’t think they could ever have made Deadpool, or at least not as Hard R as it is. And well, it works, perfectly, and I fricken loved this film!

9 out of 10 from me!!!

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