The Big Short

The Big Short, Film, Movie, Review, The Flawed GuruIt’s not often that comedians get known for their dramatic work. The ones that do, are either trying to prove themselves as more than just a funny face, or they are really showing how good they truly are. Though it is possible for actors and actresses to make this jump, or at least attempt at it, but it’s almost unheard of for directors to do it.

Adam McKay, for those who have never heard of him, is the writer/director of Anchorman 1 and 2, Talladega Nights, Step Brothers, and The Other Guys, which are also all Will Farrell comedies. Then for some reason, most probably because the story really struck a deep chord inside him, he decided to write and direct the true story of wall street corruption around the 2008 financial crisis. Though as expected with his comedy pedigree, the film was made with a comedic angle, boarding on satire.

Surprisingly, or maybe not so much, the film ended up getting 5 Academy Award Nominations, including Best Film, Director, and Writer, which after having seen it, are all fully deserved. Though all that aside, this is a damn important film, as it once again highlights the absurd behaviour and system that makes up the financial world. It’ll make you laugh, and it’ll make you cry, and sometimes you’ll feel those feelings not because they are fun or sad, but because of the reality this film is trying to put across. So crazy it’s funny, and so crazy it’s sad.

9.5 out of 10 from me!!!

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