Batman vs Superman

Batman vs Superman, Film, Movie, Review, The Flawed GuruFirst I’ll say I’m not a DC fan boy at all, and never will be. I’ve enjoyed the recent Batman and Superman films, but I’ve never even seen the first 2 80s Batman films and I haven’t seen the early Superman films since I was a little kid. Also being a Marvel fanboy, I’ll happily admit that deep down I don’t mind seeing this film bomb, though the film lover in me would also happily see this film be good and make tonnes of money.

Secondly I’ll say that we must all remember this is just a film. Which plays on two levels. Level one, even going into it with all the hate I had heard, I was thinking there is no way this could be the worst superhero film ever made, let alone the worst Batman or Superman film. Have we somehow forgotten Blade 3, Spider-Man 3, and of course Batman 3 and 4?

On the second level of this just being a film, does it really need to be the end of the world if you didn’t like it, no matter how personally or intellectually you think it’s affected you? There are so many other more important things in the world to ‘really’ worry about, so just take a breath and watch the film and impart your thoughts and feelings on it with an ounce of your ego in check, as the world doesn’t need more pointless anger over things that don’t matter.

Now, to my review. I really enjoyed the first two acts with only two things annoying me, that being the introduction of Aqua-man and Cyborg. I know pretty much nothing about either character, but they both came off as super cheesy, and dare I say bad. Then at the start of the third act, things took a turn for the worse, starting with the cringe inducing, “Martha”.

The action was still good, and things kind of made sense, but there were many red flags throughout the last act. Things such as Lois Lanes involvement in the end fight, hers and Supermans knowledge of the spear and what happened to it, the general saying “it can’t be killed”, and other smaller things around the fight and some seemingly impossible acts of strength by various characters, added up to a very disappointing end.

My final thoughts is that this was a really enjoyable film that was let down by a lack of humour, and many third act failings, so much so that it can only be seen as decent. Let’s hope Suicide Squad is as good as its trailer is to hopefully pump more life back into this DC attempt at their very own filmic universe.

8 out of 10 from me!!!

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