Spotlight, Film, Movie, Review, The Flawed GuruAnother movie about the Catholic church and their horrendous history of child sex abuse and their systematic endeavours to cover it up, thus technically condoning it and letting it continue for decades, if not hundreds of years. What this must do for the religion is anyone’s guess, though at the very least it’s a huge PR scandal for the church, even more so when the most recent big film about it goes on to win the Academy Award for best film that year.

The last film I saw dealing with this subject matter was just over a year ago with the 2006 documentary, Deliver Us From Evil. That was a hard film to watch and also came as a big surprise, as we chose it randomly from a selection of films, and mainly because we thought it sounded like a horror film. Well, it was worse than any horror film, as this was real and horrible on every possible level.

This film, Spotlight, is a narrative feature based on real life historical sex crimes committed by the catholic church in Boston. Though to be honest it could easily have been the real life account of the story based on Deliver Us From Evil, as the stories were so similar that it was scary. How the Catholic Church can come back from such things is beyond me, as if I was religious, I’d be putting my faith into its own spotlight if I was to continue to support it.

This film was really good, but most of all it was important, as highlighting these things is a must. It also showed me one amazing thing, that there are still some truly awesome people in this world who really fight to expose the truth of what bad things are going on behind closed doors, and without those people these horrible things would continue and most probably get worse and worse as people learn it’s easy to get away with.

9.5 out of 10 from me!!!

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